Supersonic Hair-Tonic- Product Review

Supersonic Hair-Tonic- Product Review



We recently opened our Etsy shop and we’re so excited to officially share our treats with all of you!!!


One of our best sellers and my personal favorite is the Andy Candy Supersonic Hair-tonic. It’s a great aid for thinning hair and it’s filled with tons of nutrients that promote hair growth for stronger, moisturized and healthier hair. Like most of our products, this oil is multi-functional. It’s an awesome hot oil treatment, “pre-poo” and a great moisturizer and sealant for more coarse kinky curly hair types that require a little more hydration like mine. I especially love the Supersonic Hair-tonic as a hot oil treatment which is a great revitalizing technique for all hair types in my opinion. One major tip for success when applying a hot oil treatment is that the amount of oil you use is absolutely contingent upon the density and texture of your hair.

Thick and coarse hair– Apply a generous amount of oil to the scalp, hair strands and ends. Two-strand twist and wrap hair in a shower cap for 30 minutes and rinse.

Fine hair– Apply oil to the scalp and rub it down the shaft of the hair. Wrap hair in a shower cap for 30 minutes and rinse. If your hair is too oily for your liking, follow up with a small amount of shampoo and rinse again. (See video)

Here are some quick details of the other uses we mentioned earlier for our Supersonic Hair-tonic:
✔️Prevents breakage- coats each strand, providing the necessary moisture needed to finger detangle and make hair more manageable. Remember you want damp hair because wet hair is when your hair is in its most fragile state and prone to breakage. Which brings me to this next point.
✔️Fantastic Hot oil treatment- try this when your hair is just lacking moisture or feels dryer than normal. This will be like washing your hair for the first time after a silk press. My curls are back!!!
✔️Excellent Pre-poo- similar to a hot oil treatment but this is just the first step before applying any harsh chemicals to your hair like parabens, sulfates and other drying surfactents that are supposed to clean and strip the hair of it’s natural oils.
✔️Prevents Hydro-fatigue-preventing too much moisture from penetrating hair strands as the oil resin coats and protects the hair, which is why we use it as a sealant.
✔️Great moisturizer for protective styles & itchy scalp-keep that protected and moisturized while because just wearing a protective style won’t mean anything if you’re not still nurturing your hair underneath.

Tips to success:

  1. When detangling, always finger detangle first as this helps to pay closer attention to any single strand knots or split ends that should be clipped away so they won’t cause further damage to other strands
  2. For hot oil treatments, try massaging the oil into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Have fun!

xo, Andy

Paint Your Heart Out Tampa (PYHOT)

Paint Your Heart Out Tampa (PYHOT)


We had a blast with our first service project this year, so much that I can’t wait to plan the next one. This April we got the humbling opportunity of painting the house of an elderly disabled member of the Tampa Bay community through the community outreach event, Paint Your Heart Out (PYHOT).
Each year a captain is selected per volunteer group. This year my mom was the captain of the Allstate Helping Hands team and with community service being a hobby that her and I both share, she asked Andy Candy to join. Of course we couldn’t resist so we immediately started raising funds to provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and any extra painting materials for our willing and prospective volunteers. And let me tell you, the amount of responses I got back from the people wanting to join was so moving. Everyone banded together with the expectation to work from 8-3 on a Saturday. But because all hands were on deck, we were able to finish by noon! And of course I snapped some photos of this amazing event. Here is the team lending a Helping Hand at Tampa’s 26th Annual Paint Your Heart Out event.