We had a blast with our first service project this year, so much that I can’t wait to plan the next one. This April we got the humbling opportunity of painting the house of an elderly disabled member of the Tampa Bay community through the community outreach event, Paint Your Heart Out (PYHOT).
Each year a captain is selected per volunteer group. This year my mom was the captain of the Allstate Helping Hands team and with community service being a hobby that her and I both share, she asked Andy Candy to join. Of course we couldn’t resist so we immediately started raising funds to provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and any extra painting materials for our willing and prospective volunteers. And let me tell you, the amount of responses I got back from the people wanting to join was so moving. Everyone banded together with the expectation to work from 8-3 on a Saturday. But because all hands were on deck, we were able to finish by noon! And of course I snapped some photos of this amazing event. Here is the team lending a Helping Hand at Tampa’s 26th Annual Paint Your Heart Out event.




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