About Andy Candy

Andy Candy is a plant-based personal care and green lifestyle brand. Each product is made for the hair, the body or both. With an emphasis on sustainability, social awareness and self care, Andy Candy makes us feel good while doing good. The owner, Andy, consciously selects ethically sourced and fair trade ingredients that are free of chemicals and toxins harmful to us and the environment and absolutely cruelty free. She then handcrafts each product fresh with purpose, love and compassion. Join Andy on the blog, as she shares personal care education, honest product reviews and her journey through green living in real time.

The AC Difference

We create with our hands but with our hearts in mind. All ingredients are 100% plant-based, ethically sourced and fairly traded from reputable farmers and distributors to produce our fresh and premium products. We don’t just beautify ourselves, we beautify the community through our sustainability efforts and involvement with local charities and organizations in the Tampa Bay area and surrounding neighborhoods. We truly stand by our phrase: ‘Making Life Sweeter,’ not just for ourselves, but for everyone on this journey with us.



About Andy

I blog, eat, travel, adventure and count beans. I like to say that I’m an accountant on paper but a creative at heart. I attended Florida A&M University where I obtained my degree in accounting and shortly after, started my own handmade cosmetics business, Andy Candy. I have always enjoyed making things and felt such a connection to nature, doing good and living a purposeful life. I strongly believe everything is figure-outable and there is a silver lining in every outcome. As a Sagittarius, I am quirky, cultural and curious- all of which continues to bring me fun, spontaneity and wisdom I wish to share with everyone who wants to listen. Get to know me more through my personable content on my blog or social media handles where I cover everything green and in between; well mainly convenient green lifestyle advice and personal care tips.

Make a suggestion of a blog topic or Ask Andy at hello@andycandy.co (or via the contact page) for a chance to be featured.

I’am PR friendly, and would happily share information, reviews and giveaways on my blog of companies aligned with my mission. Please contact me for more information.

xo, Andy